Jonas Steinbacher
Director of Photography

Filmmaking is part of my identity. My goal is to create images that feel as real as possible, images that are out of the ordinary, but at the same time realistic. 

When filming, I try to capture organic images using lens choice and filtration. I don't want to alter the footage beyond recognition through excessive editing or color grading.

I strive to always create my images in the spirit of the story or script. I see my task as translating the characters and styles of the content into the visual.

trusted Directors

Lukas Mäder - Yves de Prà - Omar Manai - Jen Ries - Frederik Iliano - Yves Marty - Janos Menberg - Yanik Zollinger - Daniel Leuthold - Werner Goetz - Luke Hansen


Represented by

Trinity Agency Berlin
Caroline Jeorgakopulos
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Jonas Steinbacher
Klybeckstrasse 141 / K24
4057 Basel
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